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The Ballad of Emperorbevis

All part of life's rich pageant

28 January
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  • emperorbevis@livejournal.com
Now let me get one thing straight first

I am not, was not and never have been the acid king of Manchester

I just think my surreal humour and abstract outlook
gave the impression that I was permantly tripping.
"perhaps Bevis world get further in life if he didn't go around dressed as a clown" - Bevis' Dad
"Bevis delights me with his fantastical random-talk abilities. Indeed I enjoyed talking to him about invisible lizards and Jesus whilst our workplace was on fire. It made the fact that we were tanning a little more bearable."-plushy
"used to have long hair ;)" - aireal
"Emperor Bevis: Just keep telling yourself "he's not real, he's not real" and soon enough he'll be gone. That Boosh loving braniac whose LJ isn't that weird apparently but I'm sure I can safely say that all those who know him disagree." - aylssadavison
"One time, Bevis hid a children's book called "Bevis" on the shelves of my husband cavalorn's occult bookshop. He was a very odd young man back then." - lucybond
"The epitome of quirky, but like so many peacocks the showiness of his exterior is all carefully constructed to protect a shy and trusting real self." - stephmog

"gets on my nerves" - sweet_ange1
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